This project is presented first and this fact is not just an accident. It is my first-born project.

There are situations when the objects themselves find the photographer as if this is intented from above. I remember our first meeting very well. I had spent all winter dark day skiing with a rucksack on my back. Crossing a huge snowy field, completely empty, as it seemed to me, I felt someone's presence. When I stopped, I looked around and realized that I was in a world of pillars.

They were old concrete pillars with rough surface. They stood in long rows all the way to the horizon. Once upon a time, someone put them here for an unknown super-task, and they stood for many, many years, not realizing the goal, but feeling their duty to stand. At first glance, it seemed that the lines they formed were still straight and perfect, but the longer I was in their world the more clearly I understood what great pains they went through to hold the lines, how difficult it was to maintain their posture, how hard it was to come to the aid of a comrade, how painful it was to lose friends. I spent the rest of the day among my new acquaintances until it was dark. A week later, I came to visit my pillars again, and then again and again.

Years have passed since then. Recently, going through the archives, I found the films that store those meetings with the resistant concrete pillars. Only now I did realize that my pictures were evidence of their quiet, unnoticed, but tragic fate, which had already sunk into the past. They were just trying to survive, and I found myself unwittingly involved in their history, not realizing at first the mission of the chronicler assigned to me. Now I feel that they have become a part of me. And I feel myself like one of them and take it as a sign of respect and honor.